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Motley Moon is a collection of 6,666 hand-drawn NFTs on the Cardano Blockchain.
It is a collaborative passion project created by a team of two sisters, out of their love for art, NFT's, community, and the Cardano ecosystem.

The goal of this project is to bring a unique style of art to the NFT space while forming a community of collectors who will help us decide on the future of the project.


We believe that by having a community-driven "Moon Map", the opportunities for growth and innovation are endless, and can't wait to have you join us on this journey!




The art within the project was conceptualized and created with the goal of providing a unique and different style of NFT’s than what is currently being offered in the space today. Although trying something new & different has its risks, we wanted to push the boundaries and challenge the expectations of “hand-drawn generative art” with our project. 



This initial Motley Moon drop consists of 14 individually hand-drawn characters (7 female & 7 male) which are drawn in three different orientations: a side profile, ¾ profile, or a front-facing orientation. Instead of using one or two character bases, we wanted to create a sense of individuality and identity for each character. Additionally, each character has 100+ attribute/accessory options.

Each character is also hand-drawn with incredible detail. In order to create unique skin textures and colours, there are up to 50 layers of thin scribbled lines in various colours bringing out the highlights, shadows, and beautiful skin tones within each character.


Photo 2022-03-27 02.37.02 PM.png




The thought process behind the “otherworldly” & “unusual” artistic style of Motley Moon is inspired by the belief that we should embrace the “different” & “unique” sides of us as they are truly the best parts of us and what makes each of us unique.


moon map.png

The project's purpose is to introduce one-of-a-kind, high-quality artwork to Cardano in the form of NFTs with PFP functionality.

Our growth strategy is as natural as possible - we want you here because you enjoy and desire the NFT.

Our plan, dubbed "Moon Map", will be dynamic and influenced by the community where every NFT holder has a voice.

As the community grows, we will combine our unique and creative ideas to create the finest Moon Map for the project.

Join us today!






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moonbeamr has established herself within the Cardano NFT space as a limited, low mint, 1/1 NFT artist.


when it comes to the Motley Moon project, she brings her unique style of art and love for the community

in hopes to build something meaningful and innovative

around her art.

Motley Moon PFP



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thinkgrowcrypto is the operator of the 21ADA stakepool and avid NFT enthusiast.

she is very passionate about Cardano's growing ecosystem and hopes to use this project as a means to support further growth, education, and innovation within the network.